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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Watch out world I am back!!!

First i would like to say.......... i suck , i am sorry for not being around.
But now i am back!

Things are going really great right now. The kids are doing GREAT D wise. The last endo appointment went so very well.
Both of thier a1c's dropped. WOOOHOOOOOO
Adam has started to rebel against diabetes again, it comes and goes. SO now i have to be more in his face about it.
Also Adam has been accepted in to a magnet program for 9th grade thru high school, MOA (marine and oceanographic academy) . Only 2 kids from his school got choosen and there are only 100 spots in the entire program. He will start there next year, that is if he even passes 8th great........we are keeping our fingers crossed !!

Tay is doing good too.

I got my new tatoo for my b-day , i will post a pic as soon as possible. Can anyone guess what it is??? ok fine i'll tell ya.

Its a diabetes awareness ribbon with Adam and Taylors name around it. I had it done on march 8th and the JDRF walk for the cure was on the 17th so i got to show it off to people who understand. I should have gotten it on a more ,ummm,decent part of my body....... i went around all day flashing my boob for the world to see. OH WELL everyone liked it !!!

I am finding out the my soon to be ex-hubby is making a great EX. Much better than he did at being a hubby. And i am looking for a new job( time i grow up and figure out what i want to be when i grow up) .

Well i am alive and well and i will be back soon. Ya'll have a great day