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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A pump Apump

Heres a stroy about a 13 year old boy and his pump. He goes fishing friday night with his father and friends. Decides to spend the night at said friends house. All is well. Calls with wake up number, not bad. Then........ 12:30 in the afternoon I get THE call. "Mom, .......... the pump fell in the river. UGGGGGGHHHHHH WTF???? "But we found it!" Ok , how long had it been under water? 40 minutes under 3 feet of MUCK. Rush dow there to check it all out. The pump is FINE. Holy cow I can't believe it. I think i aged 10 years. But hey alls well that ends well . And thats the story of the pump in the water.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

its been a few days

Thanks to everyone for the comments on my insulin lights. I am saving bottles for the next strand. It is such a PIA to make them , you have to pull the rubber stopper out and WASH them really good. Can ya imagine the smell around the x-mas tree of old stale nasty hot insulin.....yuck. I also have to find a better way to connect the bottles to the lights.....right now i used electrical tape but that is starting to come undone. Maybe hot glue.

The kids have been doing pretty good with thier pumps. Tay my youngest is doing the best. Not that her numbers are that much better but less lows for sure.

Adam on the other hand. What is it with 13 year old boys. All I ask is that he test atleast 4 times a day and .... And thats the hard part, put his number in the pump. THE PUMP IS ONLY AS SMART AS THE PERSON WEARING IT!!!!! Today he had his tubing completely break in half. He got it caught on his desk at school. He freaked out when he saw the blood coming outta the tubing that was still attached. He woouldn't trade it for anything (niether would I). Hubby asked me today if it was worth the trouble , ........ HELL Yes!!! Adams numbers aren't better , but they are easier to fix now. I try to give him space and thank him when he does do good but it nags at me that HE isn't doing enough. I think its that nothing is ever going to hurt me mentality that we all went thru. I keep chantting " we will get thru this" over and over.

I started back to work a few weeks back and i am not thrilled. This the best job i can get right now for the situation i am in. But i want to do something else.... i want to be a diabetes consultant....... what that is i am not sure yet. I may have to create my own job. But basicaly i want to tell the schools what us parents feel and the drs. I want to help parents get the accomidations that they need for their kids.

I think thats all i got for right now. Gotta get my butt moving.