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Thursday, June 29, 2006

I haven't been around much

I so wanted to write about all of our experiences with the pump. But guess what...... we have been so busy. Taylor is loving her pump , it gives here freedom from the "have tos" , i have to eat , i have to be home for my shot , i have to this or that. Her numbers have been wonderful and she is doind such a great job. The sites have stayed better than i would have ever thought,since thats alot of what i heard was a major draw back to having the pump. she hasn't snagged the tubbing on anything, 2 sites have "fell" out but that was ok beacuse it was time to change them anyways. So all in all it is great.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

wow time flys when your pumping

Tay is doing very very well. I love the pump. PUMP BLISS. The sites are staying very well and the numbers are great. I couldn't be happier, well yes i could......... if the other child was on the pump too. HAHAHA

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


From last wednesday til today Tay was pumping saline. Today we went live.......... drum roll please ......insulin. Todays site was a pain in the ass, but she did well with it. I felt like i was being judged while trying to make everything go smoothly. Her first number was 191 and she bolused for 30 carbs and then........went down to 66. Figures. But i know things are not going to go smoothly right now but i am being hyper sensitive. wow i am glad that is over but wow there is still so much to learn.