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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


GUESSSSSSSSS who got aproved for the pump. Tay did!!!!!!!! yeah!!!


  • At 1:30 PM, Blogger Ellen said…

    OOOOOOOOOOO TAY!!!!!!!!!!

  • At 3:25 PM, Blogger bethany said…

    congrats that's so exciting ... what kind is she getting??? and how about your son? is he getting one too? ... just curious! - good luck!

  • At 7:34 AM, Blogger karondaray said…

    MY son can't get one becuase he hasn't been checking his numbers as often as Tay does. We will try to see if this month improves,if so then his pump may come in july. She is getting a minimed pump........purple or blue thats what she wants:)


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