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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

i need a vacation

Ok. Easter was fairly calm..... i didn't need to put on my HOLYMAN costume for very long. We went to grandparents house for breakfast(before 9 because my kids have to eat at certain time), so i gave them no reason to draw it out any longer than necessary. Holiness was not flowing thru me. But i was just nice enough. An hour and a half , thats it. Then we came home and my hubby started to level out the back yard with a bobcat machine....... wow was that scary.Several times thought the house was going to go down too. But he did a great job and now its time to start growing grass, hahahha yes grass. We had pizza rolls and turkey sandwiches for easter dinner, hahah. If i had had my way we would have been bar-b-queing bunny. Sick i know but i am no longer the easter bunny or santa, tay no longer believes but she want the presents. So i have put in the application to be the booooooggie man. I think the job suits me well.


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