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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Does this make you jump for joy??

  • A pump and continuous glucose monitor has been approved. Does this make you jump for joy or do you immediately think of all the problems that may be?
  • For every step ahead i think that there are 5 more steps in a diffrent direction that could have been. That may yet to be. That may come becuase of this first step.
  • I won't be the first in line for this, but i may be in line for something that will come from this.
  • Aren't we all holding our breaths for a cure or atleast the least invasive method to take care of ourselves and our children.

Dr appointment today , not for the kids but me

I haven't been to a Dr in about 10 years. And the last Dr to see me was my OB/GYN after Tay was born.I do get my birth control from Planned Parenthood but that is just girl things. Today i am going to a regular M.D. I need to start taking care of myself but i am stubborn.My leg has been bothering me for a while now. I have no energy. So as a mother of children with a chronic illness i am last on the list. But i am coming to realize that if i am not well then my kids are not going to be in the best hands that they can be in. I deal with thier Dr and my hubbys Dr and i just don't want to deal with one of my own. So here i am with a Dr appointment at 11:30 today. I will go and see what all is wrong with me. Maybe i'll feel better. Maybe something is wrong and i may be able to fix it before it gets to bad. I really don't like this, i hate not knowing...... the what ifs kick my butt. We really must take care of ourselves, without us.... just think what the house would look like. HAHAHA

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

i need a vacation

Ok. Easter was fairly calm..... i didn't need to put on my HOLYMAN costume for very long. We went to grandparents house for breakfast(before 9 because my kids have to eat at certain time), so i gave them no reason to draw it out any longer than necessary. Holiness was not flowing thru me. But i was just nice enough. An hour and a half , thats it. Then we came home and my hubby started to level out the back yard with a bobcat machine....... wow was that scary.Several times thought the house was going to go down too. But he did a great job and now its time to start growing grass, hahahha yes grass. We had pizza rolls and turkey sandwiches for easter dinner, hahah. If i had had my way we would have been bar-b-queing bunny. Sick i know but i am no longer the easter bunny or santa, tay no longer believes but she want the presents. So i have put in the application to be the booooooggie man. I think the job suits me well.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

The holy man

Its a book i just read. Just a short little book about people who went to meet this holy man on a mountain, would wait for weeks at a time to meet him. I am not sure if this is fiction or not but whatever it is , it was good. Today my hubby told me that we were invited , no not invited, his father asked if we were coming to easter brakefast. Well this is the first i have heard of it but i am sure its been planned for weeks. We or rather I would rather stay away from his family but he feels a abundance of guilt and loyalty to them. That is just the way it is, I can't change it and i will never understand it after everything they put us through. But now i go back to the story that i read and its moral. Treat everyone as if they are HOLY and you will be holy too. Can i do this, i am not sure. I'd rather not be holy sometimes and definetly not to them.This will be a very hard test for me to pass, i am never rude to them or impolite but just stand offish.My kids do know that they must be repectful as this is still their Grandparents and Aunt and Uncle. But my duaghter being of that age where anyone that looks rich must be rich and Auntie is really rich, they go to disney a gazillion times a year. So she is at that age.But Adam is more sensitive. I am greatful for that. I hate to punish my husbands father for this becuase he truely loves his grandkids..... but it makes us so insane to be around all of them. So i will bite my tongue(in half probally) and we will go. And i will try to be HOLY.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The struggle between good and evil !

Monday, April 03, 2006

I did it!!!!!!!!

last night i went and got my tat on my back, pictures to be coming soon!!!!!!! i love it , yes it hurt. it was worth it.