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Thursday, March 30, 2006

the ball is rolling

ok the kids have decided they want the pump. They both have endo appointments on the 6th. now one of two things are going to happen, the Dr is going to say" yes go for it" or he is going to say " why don't we change to lantus first and try that". Depending on what he says will decide which top i blow, the happy happy joy joy top or the mt saint helens top. I am prepareing for both. I have my papper work into the pump rep. hopefully this will end well. Next in my saga of life, my wonderful son that got into trouble has been to court and it went better than i thought. That chapter is over for now. Taylors numbers have creeped up now and so we are dealing with higher numbers. But becuase of the lows we went thru i am being very very timid with the novo. Now on to the work issues, it seems like everything that could be thrown at me to hinder me working. its only a lousy 4 hours a day and i like it. its worth while and gives me something of my own. but nooooooo it must be blocked by the diabetes devil and the kid monster . but i will survive yes i will survive. i was about to give my 2 weeks notice yesterday at my first confrence call but i will not let this defeat me , i have given up on too much .this will lead to something else i just know it . on a side note i will be doing a lecture on Diabetes for the Knights of Columbus to raise money for JDRF. They wanted a family to come talk how they deal with it and what the problems are and such. I was volneterred to do it by the director of jdrf in west palm beach, i guess i have to do it. never done anything like this before but i guess i will learn quick. my to do list has gotten a mile long. 1 QUILT yes i must just sit down and do this , it must be done( when i don't know). 2 make a cute lecture and meet with person. 3. Work 4. kids 5. family 6 ME( yeah right) oh ..... ya i forgot thank you letters for money for jdrf. Sure i may get this all done by next year lol


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