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Thursday, March 30, 2006

the ball is rolling

ok the kids have decided they want the pump. They both have endo appointments on the 6th. now one of two things are going to happen, the Dr is going to say" yes go for it" or he is going to say " why don't we change to lantus first and try that". Depending on what he says will decide which top i blow, the happy happy joy joy top or the mt saint helens top. I am prepareing for both. I have my papper work into the pump rep. hopefully this will end well. Next in my saga of life, my wonderful son that got into trouble has been to court and it went better than i thought. That chapter is over for now. Taylors numbers have creeped up now and so we are dealing with higher numbers. But becuase of the lows we went thru i am being very very timid with the novo. Now on to the work issues, it seems like everything that could be thrown at me to hinder me working. its only a lousy 4 hours a day and i like it. its worth while and gives me something of my own. but nooooooo it must be blocked by the diabetes devil and the kid monster . but i will survive yes i will survive. i was about to give my 2 weeks notice yesterday at my first confrence call but i will not let this defeat me , i have given up on too much .this will lead to something else i just know it . on a side note i will be doing a lecture on Diabetes for the Knights of Columbus to raise money for JDRF. They wanted a family to come talk how they deal with it and what the problems are and such. I was volneterred to do it by the director of jdrf in west palm beach, i guess i have to do it. never done anything like this before but i guess i will learn quick. my to do list has gotten a mile long. 1 QUILT yes i must just sit down and do this , it must be done( when i don't know). 2 make a cute lecture and meet with person. 3. Work 4. kids 5. family 6 ME( yeah right) oh ..... ya i forgot thank you letters for money for jdrf. Sure i may get this all done by next year lol

Thursday, March 23, 2006

pump or lantus???

That is the question of the week. I can't do this NPH and novo anymore, Adams numbers are always high and Tay had a week from hell. Saturday was the walk and then she went swiming and i never got her number above 70 for 3 days.She still isn't right, some very low lows. I had to take her to work with me Wednesday and her case nurse got to see her.I talked with the Dr yesterday and told him its lantus or the pump and that was it. no more messing around with this and the kids no longer have a choice other than the ones i give them.We are looking at the minimed pump. Lantus is going to be in a pen soon, actually it is in a pen but it isn't widely used yet. But the kids don't want that. So thats the story and now we go from here and start looking and learning about the pump.

Monday, March 20, 2006

i don't know where to begin or when it will end

OK my son does the stupidest thing hes ever done on march 7th, gotta go to court for that. Next i find out that hes not checking on his meter, am i going to go blastic? I am working and spring brake is this week, get a babysitter and they are all acting like a bunch of monkeys. Tay has not had a blood sugar over 120, except for when i give her mini-doses of glucagon.Most of her numbers have been in the 40,50, 60's... We had the walk on saturday .............WOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOFREEAKINGHOOOOOOOOO
WE RAISED 95,000$, that the most this walk has made so far. So i have been up and down and up and down and i hope i stop bouncing around soon or i am going to get sea sick from this rocking and rolling that is happening. I have been trying to work and i really like my job its just i can't ever seem to get there or something with the kids has come up. It really is making me wonder if i should try to work at all. Is it worth it?

All this is so jumbled up in my head i just dont know right now which way is up or down left or right.

hope ya'll are doing good and hope those in australia are ok , we floridians know what they have gone thru.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

i am trading in my super woman cape for a 2 seater jag

Gosh where has the time gone....... haven't been on here in a while. Started working and that has been fun, i think i can , i think i can, thats all i can say about that. Ithas been nice having something thats my own but at what cost. The kids still keep calling me for every little thing and that is about to stop. And then my wonderful son did something very very stupid and now i have to deal with court and such. The kids numbers have been pretty good lately but that to shall change. I have no idea what i want to write so i may have to come back to fully explain what has been going on.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What are you thinking about when you wake up at 5 in the morning?

i had a nice night last night, had some friends come over and hung out. all the important people in my life called and said " happy b-day", it was nice.hubby and i had a chat last night, he said " its been fun but can this diabetes thing go away now". We got to talkin about all the new stuff that they( gods and godesses) are working on.We talked about alot of things.Then we went to bed.

I woke up this morning about 5'ish and checked on the kids. I don't think i have had too many good nights of sleep in the last few years. And then i got to thinking how much this #%$#@^ diease makes me not like my kids, no thats not it, makes me so stressed about things that i can't see the little things that make the world go around.I love my kids and i love all the stuff they do. That has been lost for a little while but i am going to find it AGAIN! The fact that we love our kids so much, get lost in that huge pile of stress that we don't even notice until it covers the kids. I refuse to let it happen anymore, ever. The only reason i am here on this earth is show my kids how they are supposed to live for thier kids, and you can't do that well if your are always so worried and stressed about everything. Does it mean i won't worry , NO! does it mean i won't be stressed , NO! It does mean that i have seen what it is doing and choose to deal with it another way.


Monday, March 06, 2006

Wow, when they say working mother, they really mean it.

Its been a while since i checked in. Friday feb24 i went to work. That was easy. Fast foreward a few days. Its mostly alot of training right now, but its not the job that is giving me fits. Its the kids........ Tays numbers are all over the place...... i think Disney needs to name a rollercoaster after her. Adam is doing pretty good. Now i have to worry about spring brake and summer and where the kids are going to go. how much thats going to cost. I am not used to this at all. I have to give myself a few weeks to adjust. To top it off today is my b-day....... yes i am 29, no for real. I have a headache and need a nap. i'll be back later with more ranting and raving, this computer is killing my head right now.