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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

i have been tagged again .....

Thanks to Red at Pumping Insulin, ok here it goes.

The four jobs i have had:
Well i worked at Toys r Us, for 2 x-mas seasons. Let me tell ya, never ever get a retail cashier job before black friday......
I delivered pizza...... oh joy.
I was a sub for my friend that ran an in home daycare..... i think thats the reason i really decided not to have anymore kids.
And the job i haven't started yet but is the only one i have ever wanted is Family health partner .

Four Movies i can watch over and over:
Steel Magnolias....... i have loved it since i was a kid and now that i know the story behind it i love it even more.
GONE WITH THE WIND.... don't talk to me, stay away far far away.
Lion King, don't laugh it came out when Adam was like 1 and we watched it day.
Anything old and black and white....... i can watch them all day.

Four place i have lived:
Las vegas nevada and Blue diamond nevada( about 20 miles outside of vegas)
and florida

Four Tv Shows i love:
West Wing i am so mad that they are taking it off the air, but it hasn't been good for a little while.
24, love me some kieffer ....started watching it when it first started , now its gotten a little silly, how many times can Jack win.
other than that i don't watch much TV. I like discovery channel and animal planet and thats it.....i'd rather read

Oh geeze 4 places i have been on vacation:
went to Disney world this year for x-mas....... that is like hell on earth
we went to Boloxi Mississippi before the hurricane came and wiped it our.... never left the casino so i wouldn't know what else was there.
went to Montgomery Alabama to escape the hurricane , i think that was Frances.
thats it

Four favorite foods:
Coffee, lots and lots of sugar

My four favorite website:
of course it CWD,children with DIABETES On-line Community
then we have ebay....... gotta keep trying to find my Prada boots ( at a price i can afford lol)
My bank website, gotta know how much money is in there( in case i find the boots)
those are the ones that i go on the most.

four places i'd rather be right now:
I want to go back to my home town, just for a few days.
i want to be sleeping
Australia would be nice ( hi red)
And i want to see italy , just once

I am now tagging Ellen,Spread your wings, fly, soar, explore and enjoy the world.


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