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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Diagnoses x2

I think its time that i tell about Taylors diagnoses. This may help those out there that are worried about their other children having D.

I get the same 2 questions everytime i tell someone that i have 2 kids with D.
1. Do you have diabetes ? No i don't niether does dad, nor any of the grandparents.
2 If you and dad don't have it how do you have 2 kids with diabetes?
When i can answer that quesstion we will be one step closer to the cure. As for right now i don't know, i can't explain why i got choosen to have 2 D kids.

Now i'll take ya back to when Tay was dx'd.

Adam was dx'd on aug 19th, 2003. Our world was turned upside down. I threw myself into Diabetes full force, i tryed to abosorb everything that had to do with D. When had just gotten half-way adjusted to Adam having D. When i started to notice a few things off with Taylor. Like in Nov. we all went to have family pictures done and we went to red lobster for dinner afterwards. Tay was very very tired and cranky, in fact she fell asleep in the car on the way home. I carried her in a thought that something was just not right. So i checked her number ... this was the first time and i remember the exact number becuase my heart dropped, it was 365. I called up my Endo, she told me not to worry maybe i hadn't wipe her finger, maybe it was the meter ( how could the meter be wrong it was adams), every excuse in the book and then said" your worring about nothing, most siblings don't get D too". Ok let it go for a while, then noticed that at night she was cranky and tired, she was eating on adams timeline, brakefast,snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack. I would check her and find a number in the 200 range, call the endo .....same story, she must have 2 high numbers within a 48 hour period in order to dx diabetes ( acording to the endo). Switch Endo , he then listened to be and set up with the peds dr to have Tay's a1c tested every three months to keep an eye on it, thank god someone listened. Before that i was just the nutty mom. Of course all the a1cs came back normal.
All this time i am worried , i won't lie , i was but i also knew that something was not right and i wasn't going to let it rest. As this testing was going on, i talked to Tay often and told her why we were testing her. One time i told her that the reason i was having her tested was that i didn't want her to be sick like her brother was when he was dx'd, and for the most part she undstood. I promised her that i would catch it before that point.
The night she was dx'd. It was about 11:30 at night aug 4th. She had been cranky all day, she complained that everything was hurting. So i let her fall asleep and checked on her toe ( she never woke up when i did it that way).The first meter read "HI", the second meter read "HI", the third meter read "HI". Talked to my hubby and said " do we wait untilt he morning or go now" he said " youknow what you have to do". I called my bestfriend, i need a reality check. I didn't want to take her, i didn't want this, why couldn't it have waited.My best friend told me " this is what you have been waiting for , i'll meet you there". Thank goodness for great friends. My hubby hadn't had any sleep and had workied for 14 hours that day , so i took her to the e.r. myself.

We get to the e.r. i tell the admitting nurse that she has high blood sugar. Then the quesstion start. Why were you testing her? How do you know its high? As i tryed to stay calm and tell the nurse, i have a son with D, i know the signs, i have had her tested for months,ect,ect. She was admitted but there are no peds endos in this area. The blood work came back she was 969 at dx'd. Then the dr started to give her Regular insulin and i stopped him and asked" why are you giving her Regular, novolog works faster" , he looked at me like i had a snake growing out of the middle of my head. Then he explained that Regular could go into the I.V. bag and Novolog couldn't( still don't know if thats right). Then her number droped to 400'something, they thought that was too fast. We got her stable, and she was sitting there laughing and talking to my bestfriend while i went home to get Adam off to my-sis-laws house and hubby up to go with us to a hospital in west palm beach. They took Tay and I in the abulance and hubby met us at the hospital.
No peds endos were available, the only one that had privelges at that hospital was on a cruise in alsaka, this makes me laugh right now that remeber that. So at 6 in the morning the interns come in to get the run down of what happened. I told them my story and such. 12 o'clock the attending Dr finally comes in. By this time i had already given Tay her first shot and checked her number on an extra meter i brought and found out she was going low, got her a snack and such. I heard the interns outside the door talking about our case, the thing that made me proudest was one intern stepped up and said" this woman really know what is going on, she has a good understanding of D, probally knows more than most Drs". What a great momment for me as a mother , especially after fighting with several drs becuase i knew something was up and they thought i was nuts. Well the Dr walks in and i told him the story again, then i explained that Taylor wasn't in DKA and not dyhadrated so can we please go home. At this time he asked what Adam a1cs were in the last 9 months......4.8, 4.9, 5.1. Asked who our endo was...told him Dr D., come to find out he interned with him before and liked him alot. At that point we were told we could go if i felt comfortable taking care of her. I quickly replied " abousolutely". 12 hours from begining to ending.
He gave us discharge directions that were horrible....... 2 units on NPH and 5 units of Novolog, totally backwards. Since i didn't have an endo for a month i had to adjust, with a little bit of help from Adams case nurse( who couldn't offically tell me what to do but could tell me i was on the right track).
Aug 5th 2004, Taylor was dx'd in the early morning (12 :25 ) and by 12 that afternoon we were home and i had to take a short nap and then it was off to the schools for open houses, Adam was starting middle school and i had to meet all his teachers and staff. Also i had to stop at the Elementary school to tell Tays teacher that she just got a student with D.
I knew Adam was going to be alright at middle school when his nurse , whom i had talked to while Tay was in the hospital, yelled at me for being there at open house , i should have been home resting. Thats when i knew it was going to be ok.
I forgot to tell ya that as we were going to the hospital in the abulance Taylor was having a great time, she was all proud that she got to ride in the abu,ance and Adam didn't. Also she immediately told me that it was now time for her to get a cell phone , Adam had just gotten one and she should have one too. Also on that ride to the hospital she looked at me and said" mommy you were right, you caught it before i got sick like Adam"........ i could have just melted.

Do i have a theory about why both of my kids have D. YES i do and maybe one days i'll tell ya.It has to do with the way we feed our children early in life. Well i guess since i am already here i might as well tell ya....
Both my children were born early and small , Adam was 5 pounds 5 ounces, Taylor was born 6 pounds 8 ounces. Since they were both small the Drs wanted them to start eating food very early...... rice cereal and fruits and veggies, should have been no problems, but once they start getting teeth they start eating glutenus foods, such as pasta, breads, chips, french fries, ect ect..... I really believe that becuase of that they have D. This is just my theory and in no way is scienctifally proven, but this is the best way for me to put things together in my mind. I have to have a reason, it can't be random. Do i have guilt , NO WAY..... i did what i thought was right and i have no regrets.... hindsight is 20/20.......... but i do cringe when i see a baby being fed anything like that. So thats the story morning glory....... i hope this helps others.

on a lighter note the shirt that i talked about on the last post, i have the link:



  • At 6:52 PM, Blogger Ellen said…

    I can't tell you how angry I am at the imbecile disempowering endo who dismissed your instincts and knowledge. When will these doctors learn? What is her name?

    As for those questions, as frustrating as they are, try to embrace them as an opportunity to educated people about diabetes. You have a good attitude.

    Thankfully the doctors in the hospital with Tay knew you knew what you were talking about. Lucky you knew NOT to follow the directions .

    Oh and back to the t-shirts..I searched google and saw once someone offered "best actress in a continuing drama". I need that one for my daughter!

    Keep up the great mommying.

  • At 10:02 PM, Blogger mytime79 said…

    I teared up a little. I have diabetes myself, but think that being the parent of a diabetic has to be more difficult.

    I am floored that the docs didn't believe you. They really don't always get it. Your kids are really lucky to have a mom like you.


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