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Thursday, January 12, 2006

whoaaaaaaaa superwoman watch out for that wall

I thought that my cape was safely put away. I had done all the things i thought i needed to do today. Went to have lunch with friends and low and behold , ring ring, its my daughter school. After being 428 at lunch and me getting her a correction shot she is now down to 96, doesn't feel good and just icky. Get her home she is now 78....... grab a coke and something to eat.She is now sleeping with her bratz doll and i have 30 minutes until i go get my son from school. Do i wake her ( heck no,shes a monster) do i call a friend ( seems like a plan).yup the friend is picking him up. Her son was dx'd the same year as Adam.Thank goodness for my support system.

Having 2 kids with Diabetes is hard. In a way its easier. Can't tell ya how many times i have taken a shot and almost gave it to the wrong child. Or the best one is when you forget that you gave one thier shot and not the other one. Then you have to walk into the school looking and feeling like the worst parent in the world. i try to remember what our endo said " if you are making a mistake and forgetting about it , then you are no longer obcessing over diabetes and thats a good thing" This is our life and we all make mistakes. i refuse to let Diabetes run our life, thats harder to do than you think.
Also its easier , neither feels diffrent. When Tay was dx'd she took it all in stride. We joked about her blood sugar being higher than her brother at dx'd, she was 969 and Adam was 604( wow i had to think about that for a minute, use to be on the tip of my tongue all the time). She wasn't scared , she was strong and she is strong. With Tay we were in the hospital for 12 hours, with Adam it was three days( don't even like thinking about that). They both look out for each other, often i can hear them say thing like " did you check", "did you eat" ,ect ect.

All things considered they are good kids!


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