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Friday, January 13, 2006

in my favorite chat room

i think i have to go back a few years and tell ya'll how diabetes entered in my life:

Summer of 2003, its florida, its hot, Adam just turned 12. I thought the insipped monster came and took my loving 11 year away when he turned 12. Happens that he probally had Diabetes for 6 months before we found out. Aug 16th we had a family b-day party to go to. He was in the pool all day just like most kids in florida. He got outta the pool and threw up and looked like death. We made the usualy excuses, oh he drank to much pool water, he hasn't eaten, so on . I took him home and he slept for 12 hours , thought he was just tired( now looking back i am happy he woke up). Adam ate 3 corndogs(for breakfast, YUCK), he drank a gallon of milk, a 2 liter of sprite and was alright ( we thought). Back over to the family party the next day, we have parties and then the after party to get rid of the left overs.That was sunday, nothing happened. Monday the kids go to school. I have to pick Tay up early becuase she is going to the Dr for an ear ache( humm ya think with 2 days in the pool), but the school nurse called me to pick up Adam he was crying, his legs hurt. Ok take him to the Dr. with Tay. Told the Dr what was going on and she kept talking about her nephew with D. Well i had no clue. She couldn't find anything wrong with Adams legs. Thought he was making it up. So we were about to walk out and I said " you said you want to test his urine". Thats when it came back high keytones. Sent to St Marys hospital in west palm beach. SCARY. FRIGHTENING.OVERWHELMING. then comes the scary stuff.....learning how to keep you child alive. I gave Adam his first shot......omg that was not fun at all..... he yelled you hurt me mom! and i lost it. i went in to the hallway and just cryed and cryed. Thank god for the wonderful CDE. They give you this packet of information that you are suposed to learn in a matter of hours/ well days but it feels like hours. I stayed up all night reading and trying to figure this out. At this time my husband couldn't be with us all the time becuase he has a business to run so he came up for training and such. Well before you can leave you must take a shot from the child that has been dx'd, either the mom or the dad. So since i gave him his first shot he got to give me a shot( pay back,sorta), he did well. Dads kinda a wuss when it comes to needles so he was shot by the CDE. My bestest friend in the whole world snuck in the hospital, told them she was my sister. Thank goodness for her. It was a hard and scary time and i hate to think about it. BUT we have come along way BABY! i will tell you about Tays dx'd later, thats another fun one.


  • At 2:31 PM, Blogger Penny said…

    Thanks for sharing. Every diagnosis story brings tears to my eyes.

  • At 5:47 PM, Blogger Ellen said…

    I really had a vision of your son getting out of the pool and looking gray and ashen.

    It wasn't until I looked back at photographs leading up to the date of dx, that I really saw how sickly my son appeared. It was so gradual. But in retrospect I wonder how I could have missed it when I adored him so and spent so much time with him.

  • At 7:04 PM, Blogger Shannon said…

    We've all come a long way as parents haven't we?

    I remember being so out of my league when Brendon was diagnosed. Just putting together the glucose meter seemed an impossible feat.

    Thank you for sharing your son's story.


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