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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Hey hey ...........whats up

Ok ok.....been a while, sorry. Life just gets in the way of doing the things ya want to sometimes. Anyways........

I got my job , yes karon is growing up and moving on. Kids are kinda skidish about it but it won't really effect them much. Hubby is happy happy joy joy, of course he thinks with the extra money i can pay for his boat.......which of course i will do. No really i will....... he deserve it.... all these years hes been getting me stuff , it would make me very happy to do it.

I went yardsaling today......wonderful finds. I got a chandaller to go in the hallway, 15 bucks . I put it up all by myself too. See we girls can do anything. Thats is after you ask the nieghbor what the extra wire is for ( ground line, thought so but didn't know where to ground it to). Then check back with him in ten minutes to make sure his power is still on and tell him i am alive. I also got a FoodSaver thingy....... 10 buck.. way to go karon.

Watch out Diabetes world...... inhaled insulin is here. Still haven't made up my mind on that one but i know my kids will not be using it. I am saddened to think that all this money has been put into this and i think its not going to be used right and/or make our lives more difficult as parents of children with diabetes.

How you are wondering........first there is already the myths and the facts getting mixed up between type 1 and type 2.Lay people are going now ASSume that it has just gotten easier to have Diabetes. I can hear it now " well why don't your kids just use the inhaled insulin instead of shot?" that point i may blow a gasket. The mainstream is going to think this a "cure all", no more shots, its not as hard as it used to be, ect ect. I can already hear these things that are going to be said. And for the people that don't want to risk thier lungs or thier childrens lungs, we are going to have a backlash.

Any advancement in the care of people with diabetes if great, thank goodness for all those people that put thier hearts and souls into finding this. Now maybe it will bring something better along too. If they could just get a closed-loop system that would be amazing.

If you are going to try the new insulin........ i am very happy for you , i truly hope that is works wonderfully for YOU.

If you want to see more information on the new inhaled insulin please check out my friends blog :
Spread your wings, fly, soar, explore and enjoy the world.


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