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Monday, January 23, 2006

Can my day get any better???

I am so happy. Bouncing off the walls here.My day is perfect and staying this way, i won't take no for an answer.

Ok First...... i got my kids Karate instructor to agree to do a Demo at the JDRF walk here in march.......WWWWWOHOOOOHOOOOOO. Theres my first business owner that i have ever talked into it. I did tell him that i would pay for it..... but hey the money all goes to the same place and i want to do this. So HAPPPPPPPY.

Then i got my job , yes thats right , karon is going to grow up and get a
J O B. This job is great...... its the family health partner postion at childrens medical severices. Which mean i get to work with special needs kids and thier familys to get services and help they need. The first requirement is that you must have a child with special needs......... wellllllll duh got that one covered. Ok cross your fingers, pray what ever you do send out good vibes for me........ I WANT THIS JOB.

And the trivial little thing that made my day today is that i got the boots i won ( yes i won them , beat someone else for them ) on ebay.......gotta love ebay. These boots are for my murder mystery dinner party i am throwing for my 29th b-day party. ( yes i am really only 29, no really i am, i am not afraid of the number........ what is that number that comes next, oh well heck i'll find out next year). The party is called Pasta, Passion andPistols...... I am Tara Misu....... little italian tramp.... got these knee high boots and this dress to kill this is going to be so fun.

Anyways there have been little things to damper my jovial mood but they were minor and fixed quickly. I will not have a bad day, i will not have a bad week. I am getting this job, i am getting this job.

So hoping that your day is just as good :)

well behaved women rarely make history........


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