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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Hey hey ...........whats up

Ok ok.....been a while, sorry. Life just gets in the way of doing the things ya want to sometimes. Anyways........

I got my job , yes karon is growing up and moving on. Kids are kinda skidish about it but it won't really effect them much. Hubby is happy happy joy joy, of course he thinks with the extra money i can pay for his boat.......which of course i will do. No really i will....... he deserve it.... all these years hes been getting me stuff , it would make me very happy to do it.

I went yardsaling today......wonderful finds. I got a chandaller to go in the hallway, 15 bucks . I put it up all by myself too. See we girls can do anything. Thats is after you ask the nieghbor what the extra wire is for ( ground line, thought so but didn't know where to ground it to). Then check back with him in ten minutes to make sure his power is still on and tell him i am alive. I also got a FoodSaver thingy....... 10 buck.. way to go karon.

Watch out Diabetes world...... inhaled insulin is here. Still haven't made up my mind on that one but i know my kids will not be using it. I am saddened to think that all this money has been put into this and i think its not going to be used right and/or make our lives more difficult as parents of children with diabetes.

How you are wondering........first there is already the myths and the facts getting mixed up between type 1 and type 2.Lay people are going now ASSume that it has just gotten easier to have Diabetes. I can hear it now " well why don't your kids just use the inhaled insulin instead of shot?" that point i may blow a gasket. The mainstream is going to think this a "cure all", no more shots, its not as hard as it used to be, ect ect. I can already hear these things that are going to be said. And for the people that don't want to risk thier lungs or thier childrens lungs, we are going to have a backlash.

Any advancement in the care of people with diabetes if great, thank goodness for all those people that put thier hearts and souls into finding this. Now maybe it will bring something better along too. If they could just get a closed-loop system that would be amazing.

If you are going to try the new insulin........ i am very happy for you , i truly hope that is works wonderfully for YOU.

If you want to see more information on the new inhaled insulin please check out my friends blog :
Spread your wings, fly, soar, explore and enjoy the world.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Can my day get any better???

I am so happy. Bouncing off the walls here.My day is perfect and staying this way, i won't take no for an answer.

Ok First...... i got my kids Karate instructor to agree to do a Demo at the JDRF walk here in march.......WWWWWOHOOOOHOOOOOO. Theres my first business owner that i have ever talked into it. I did tell him that i would pay for it..... but hey the money all goes to the same place and i want to do this. So HAPPPPPPPY.

Then i got my job , yes thats right , karon is going to grow up and get a
J O B. This job is great...... its the family health partner postion at childrens medical severices. Which mean i get to work with special needs kids and thier familys to get services and help they need. The first requirement is that you must have a child with special needs......... wellllllll duh got that one covered. Ok cross your fingers, pray what ever you do send out good vibes for me........ I WANT THIS JOB.

And the trivial little thing that made my day today is that i got the boots i won ( yes i won them , beat someone else for them ) on ebay.......gotta love ebay. These boots are for my murder mystery dinner party i am throwing for my 29th b-day party. ( yes i am really only 29, no really i am, i am not afraid of the number........ what is that number that comes next, oh well heck i'll find out next year). The party is called Pasta, Passion andPistols...... I am Tara Misu....... little italian tramp.... got these knee high boots and this dress to kill this is going to be so fun.

Anyways there have been little things to damper my jovial mood but they were minor and fixed quickly. I will not have a bad day, i will not have a bad week. I am getting this job, i am getting this job.

So hoping that your day is just as good :)

well behaved women rarely make history........

Whew thank goodness thatsa over

Well sat. was better than expected. Hubby actually went to Karate with the kids and I. We had a wonderful day. The kids and i went shopping for last minute stuff for the party and he went golfing. Picture pefect day at the cleevers.

Sunday was pretty good to. The guys showed up to help hubby with the fence. I am excited as i leave to go take Tay to her b-day party. On the way to the Pony Farm Tay drops to 57, get her some food.Then drive and drive and drive to the pony farm........whhhhhhhOOOPS way to far, pasted the farm by 25 miles. Roflamo. Well we still get there in time becuase i leave early just for that reason i am always getting lost.

Only 1 friend shows up, so all together there were Tay, Adam, Me(of course i am going to ride a horse), Em, Chelsea. Thats it. The 5 kids from her class didn't show up , and a couple of others. But we had fun anyways. It was so nice no one had to wait to ride a horse we all had one.
Even my chicken son rode the horse(twice, even). All the girls got to go into the chicken coup and get a freshly laid egg.

All in all it was a pretty good day, not to hot , no rain ...... its all good in the hood.

Now on to the JRDF walk, raising some money for that. and and and and at this point i will figure out the rest later.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

pity party , you bring the cheese and i'll bring the whine

Today is just so , BLAH. The weather stinks, it overcast and chilly. The kids numbers won't budge. Both of them in the 400's today. Can't seem to get them down for anything. Even opened new insulin....just in case that was the problem. No thats not it.

Don't know , i guess i will figure that out eventually.

I am just tired and worn out. i go thru these cycles...... i am great then things overwhelm me and then i have to go do something just for me.

Tomorrow i have to be at Tay's school at 9 in the morning, thats great since Adam doesn't go to school until 8:45. I am so not a morning person. I have to be up and dressed, take Tay to school, then Adam then come back and go to Tay's school. Then i have an 11:00 dentist appointment........oh joy. Then i have to be at a resturant for a JDRF walk meeting. Thats coming up on March 19th, great , oh yeah have i even begun to get money yet.....NO! All this tomorrow. Then my wonderful hubby tells me hes going fishing tomorrow night....... OHHHHH YEAAAAH i get the day from hell and the kids all night with no brake... i should just be jumping for joy..... not! Maybe i'll find a babysitter tomorrow and go get what.......... oh my tats i have been wanting.

Saturday Karate at 9:30 in the morning..... then off to shop for last minute party supplies for Tay's b-day party on Sunday at a pony farm. Can you see the excitement on my face. Thats right hubby has a friend coming over on Sunday to help put in the fence i have been wanting for 5 years. Great , joy, dang hes going to miss Tays party.

Lets see can it get any better.... don't know, will answer that when it comes up.

So theres my whine...... what kind of cheese ya got?

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

repeat after me , please don't puke on my brand new mircofiber secional sleeper, repeat!

This weekend was fun. Everyone having a great time, until Adam tells me "i threw up twice". Ok he eats some, grilled cheese and a slice of bannana creame pie. YYYYYYYYAAAAYYYY he kept it down all night but he still isn't feeling well today so i guess that he is going to be home with me. more in a little while gotta take tay to school

Adam wanted ginger ale and saltine crackers, now hes laying on the sofa watching some dumb japenese cartoons. he'll feel better right around lunch just in time to ask to go out to lunch.

Sunday, January 15, 2006


No tattoos yet, maybe tonight. If not tuesday or wed. I want my tatts now.

Friday, January 13, 2006

in my favorite chat room

i think i have to go back a few years and tell ya'll how diabetes entered in my life:

Summer of 2003, its florida, its hot, Adam just turned 12. I thought the insipped monster came and took my loving 11 year away when he turned 12. Happens that he probally had Diabetes for 6 months before we found out. Aug 16th we had a family b-day party to go to. He was in the pool all day just like most kids in florida. He got outta the pool and threw up and looked like death. We made the usualy excuses, oh he drank to much pool water, he hasn't eaten, so on . I took him home and he slept for 12 hours , thought he was just tired( now looking back i am happy he woke up). Adam ate 3 corndogs(for breakfast, YUCK), he drank a gallon of milk, a 2 liter of sprite and was alright ( we thought). Back over to the family party the next day, we have parties and then the after party to get rid of the left overs.That was sunday, nothing happened. Monday the kids go to school. I have to pick Tay up early becuase she is going to the Dr for an ear ache( humm ya think with 2 days in the pool), but the school nurse called me to pick up Adam he was crying, his legs hurt. Ok take him to the Dr. with Tay. Told the Dr what was going on and she kept talking about her nephew with D. Well i had no clue. She couldn't find anything wrong with Adams legs. Thought he was making it up. So we were about to walk out and I said " you said you want to test his urine". Thats when it came back high keytones. Sent to St Marys hospital in west palm beach. SCARY. FRIGHTENING.OVERWHELMING. then comes the scary stuff.....learning how to keep you child alive. I gave Adam his first shot......omg that was not fun at all..... he yelled you hurt me mom! and i lost it. i went in to the hallway and just cryed and cryed. Thank god for the wonderful CDE. They give you this packet of information that you are suposed to learn in a matter of hours/ well days but it feels like hours. I stayed up all night reading and trying to figure this out. At this time my husband couldn't be with us all the time becuase he has a business to run so he came up for training and such. Well before you can leave you must take a shot from the child that has been dx'd, either the mom or the dad. So since i gave him his first shot he got to give me a shot( pay back,sorta), he did well. Dads kinda a wuss when it comes to needles so he was shot by the CDE. My bestest friend in the whole world snuck in the hospital, told them she was my sister. Thank goodness for her. It was a hard and scary time and i hate to think about it. BUT we have come along way BABY! i will tell you about Tays dx'd later, thats another fun one.

5 Random facts about me

I have been tagged.

1. I am 4 foot 11 inches tall. Shorter than most 6th graders. I have been call the big sister, the babysitter and even Adam's girlfriend. And once i was even my hubby's duaghter !:)

2. I was raised in LAS VEGAS (whoaaaaa sin city), actually i was raised in a small town out side of Las Vegas. Just past Red Rock canyon. Every one of the 350 people there could whoop my butt if i did anything wrong. Not one trafic light, 3 or 4 street lights, a little corner store , post office, school ( at the time i went to it there was no more than 100 students in all 6 grades), and a small church. There was a comunity pool and a Rec Hall.
We all had motorcycles and/or horses. I miss where i grew up.

3. I can shoot really good. I have had handguns and hunting rifles. I have never shot a shotgun( i am scared of them).

4. I like snakes and lizards. I have had 4 snakes....... corn snake(also called red rat), 3 California King snakes. I have a bearded dragon right now, was my mothers day present almost 6 years ago.Had horny toads, leopard geckos, water dragon, savannah monitor. My hubby hates snakes, won't touch'em. Theses are my animals, usaully its the other way around the hubby has reptiles and the wife hates them.

5. I want to make this a really good fact about me.............. give me a minute i am not that interesting. AAAAAAHHHHH aaaaa....... i wanted to be a lawyer when i was little and i wanted to go to Yale. I have no idea why i picked Yale when i was little , i guess it sounded good.

And i will thrown in one more just for the heck of it..... i hate the letter "i" and i will no longer be capitializing it on here, grammar police stay away.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

whoaaaaaaaa superwoman watch out for that wall

I thought that my cape was safely put away. I had done all the things i thought i needed to do today. Went to have lunch with friends and low and behold , ring ring, its my daughter school. After being 428 at lunch and me getting her a correction shot she is now down to 96, doesn't feel good and just icky. Get her home she is now 78....... grab a coke and something to eat.She is now sleeping with her bratz doll and i have 30 minutes until i go get my son from school. Do i wake her ( heck no,shes a monster) do i call a friend ( seems like a plan).yup the friend is picking him up. Her son was dx'd the same year as Adam.Thank goodness for my support system.

Having 2 kids with Diabetes is hard. In a way its easier. Can't tell ya how many times i have taken a shot and almost gave it to the wrong child. Or the best one is when you forget that you gave one thier shot and not the other one. Then you have to walk into the school looking and feeling like the worst parent in the world. i try to remember what our endo said " if you are making a mistake and forgetting about it , then you are no longer obcessing over diabetes and thats a good thing" This is our life and we all make mistakes. i refuse to let Diabetes run our life, thats harder to do than you think.
Also its easier , neither feels diffrent. When Tay was dx'd she took it all in stride. We joked about her blood sugar being higher than her brother at dx'd, she was 969 and Adam was 604( wow i had to think about that for a minute, use to be on the tip of my tongue all the time). She wasn't scared , she was strong and she is strong. With Tay we were in the hospital for 12 hours, with Adam it was three days( don't even like thinking about that). They both look out for each other, often i can hear them say thing like " did you check", "did you eat" ,ect ect.

All things considered they are good kids!


I guess i better get my act together... I have been listed or i think its called tagged on another blog :
The Diabetes OC Website

I am blown away. Thanks again to Ellen.

When you live everyday with worry and weakness. Its the little things that make you the happiest.

As i was reading another blog, i recalled the time that i gave Adam the wrong dose of insulin. This was what i call the " not knowing what the heck i was doing" time. I gave him his shot and realized that it was wrong, very wrong. Now i could have panic but i had learned that it all can be fixed.Luckily for Adam it was Easter and I don't believe that becuase my kid( at that time Adam was the only one) has Diabetes he should be denied anything, and that included a chocolate bunny and candy from the easter bunny.Well ...... becuase of my mistake he got to eat capitan crunch with nerds in it and drink code red mountain dew all the way to lion country safari. With all the insulin in him and the candy his numbers were "PERFECT" all day long. I had a backpack filled with candy and soda , just in case he should go low. He never did. That was the beginning of me knowing that i could take care of him no matter what. We didn't get upset or panic, we just did what we had to do. Now we look back on that and laugh. It could have gone a million diffrent ways and it just happened to work that day.

One number at a time,sometimes its one hour at a time, sometimes its one day at a time. Whatever gets you thru.

I got my superwoman cape outta the cleaners today

I had my first dinner party last night... well its not my first but it is the since my house got put back together. For 3 months we were literally camping in our house. No kitchen, no sink, no bathroom(guest). Now I am slowly putting it back together,new sofas, new tables, new everything! Its so nice to get all the pieces to fit.

The kids are both coming down with something, happens about 8 in the morning every morning, its called "I don't want to go to school -itis".

I am waiting on a friend that is in the hospital to call me so I can pick her up. I have another friend going thru a nasty divorce and another friend that is having a bit of money problems. This is where the superwoman cape comes in handy.I'll let ya borrow it if you promise to clean it before giving back. But it does come with all my issues attached.

So I am going to do something for myself this weekend....... I am getting my 2 tattoos done on my back. Tattoos are great, no one can ever take them away from you. Mine all mean something.... like my dragon on my leg...... its a momma dragon( what is more protective than a dragon?
) with a nest of 2 eggs( 2 kids) , one is blue and the other is pink. She has a sweet look of love on her face but her arms/wings are wrapped around her babies. The new tattoos I am getting are of a "devil dragon", not to mean looking but just enough to know that its up to something and then on the other shoulder is the "angel dragon" sweet and kind with the halo kinda tilt so you know its not perfect either. These two are going to be my balance. They are going to be facing each other on my shoulder blades in that constant struggle between good and evil. Later I may get a "?" mark put between them. I have several others that I am thinking about getting also. And I have told my kids that I will pay for their first tattoos aslong as they say " medical alert TYPE 1 DIABETES" they have the choice of how it will look and how big, but I get to decide where( wrist or chest, somewhere the EMTs will look). Unfortunately this is something they may(trying to be optimistic, its hard sometimes) have for the rest of their lives and its much easier to tattoo than to keep track of bracelets and necklaces. When a Cure is found I will pay for "CURED" to be tattooed over it in big letters.Some people may hate tattoos and there is definitely a stereotype for people who have them. I have made sure that mine are in a place that can be covered, so that when I do decide to grow up it won't be something I regret, regret is not the word I am looking for, I don't know what word I am looking for.

On the subject of regret..... regret is a tough nut to crack. I think I only regret the things that I haven't done , not the stuff I have. Guilt is also a nasty little thing that gets in the way. Guilt is useless to me unless it gives me the power I need to fight or fix whatever I am feeling guilty about.

Well I better iron that superwoman cape if I am going to get anything done today.

ya'll have a nice day..... and good numbers to all( that's a little Diabetes joke)

p.s. Don't ya'll just hate the word "I" its annoying, has to be capitalized.

Well behaved women rarely make history!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A few of the things i care about

I just posted my first post and there are a few things that I think I need to put on here. First, as a parent of 2 kids with Diabetes , I want a cure and I want to help people learn about Diabetes. Here are a few of my favorite websites :

If you or someone you know has Diabetes please check out these sites.

children with DIABETES On-line Community

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation : Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International

The Diabetes Research Institute
These are our best hope for a cure.

Next on the list of things that I care about is organ donation.
I have a family member that is in need of a liver.
There are about 90,000 people on the waiting list and most die before they get a new organ. If you are interested please check it out.

Presumed Consent Foundation Home Page

Kids need books , if you have old books laying around please find the nearest daycare, school, hospital, ect ,ect and donate them. Don"t forget the elderly, they need books to.

There are so many small things that we can all do to make a change around us.

Well behaved women rarely make history.

have you been a good girl?

Day 1 on the blog

Well this is my first post and I really don't know where to start. So first let me tell ya a few things about me. I am going to be 29 in March( kinda scares me). I have 2 children Tay and Adam, both have Type 1 Diabetes. Tay just turned 9 on Sunday, she has had Diabetes for almost 2 years. Adam is turning 13 in May( another scary thing), hes had Diabetes for almost 3 years. Amazing how the time flys when your going crazy.Anyways, I have been married for going on 13 years. We live in the wonderful( sarcastically said) state of Florida.

As I get better at this blogging thing, I will try to humor you with our stories of going crazy in our world.