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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Watch out world I am back!!!

First i would like to say.......... i suck , i am sorry for not being around.
But now i am back!

Things are going really great right now. The kids are doing GREAT D wise. The last endo appointment went so very well.
Both of thier a1c's dropped. WOOOHOOOOOO
Adam has started to rebel against diabetes again, it comes and goes. SO now i have to be more in his face about it.
Also Adam has been accepted in to a magnet program for 9th grade thru high school, MOA (marine and oceanographic academy) . Only 2 kids from his school got choosen and there are only 100 spots in the entire program. He will start there next year, that is if he even passes 8th great........we are keeping our fingers crossed !!

Tay is doing good too.

I got my new tatoo for my b-day , i will post a pic as soon as possible. Can anyone guess what it is??? ok fine i'll tell ya.

Its a diabetes awareness ribbon with Adam and Taylors name around it. I had it done on march 8th and the JDRF walk for the cure was on the 17th so i got to show it off to people who understand. I should have gotten it on a more ,ummm,decent part of my body....... i went around all day flashing my boob for the world to see. OH WELL everyone liked it !!!

I am finding out the my soon to be ex-hubby is making a great EX. Much better than he did at being a hubby. And i am looking for a new job( time i grow up and figure out what i want to be when i grow up) .

Well i am alive and well and i will be back soon. Ya'll have a great day

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Very funny

I am amazingly happy that the GUYS are keeping watch on me. Scott and George Thank you for your comments.

Friday, February 09, 2007

I have been gone long enough

To make a long story short and sweet,or atleast to the point. Dec 20th My husband(of 13 years, together for 17) came home to tell me that we are getting a divorce. I was not expecting that. But so be it.So then we wait until Dec 26th to tell the kids. Yes we wait until exactly 24 hours after x-mas to tell the kids( his idea). And on dec 27th he moves out to live with his girlfriend at his sisters house. BIG HUGE FREAKING MESS. The kids are taking it pretty good so far. And i am taking it so much better than i thought. This is actually a good thing. YES , very scary but at the same time so very freeing. I have lost 6 pounds already ,divorce diet, wohoooo.There is so much more to this story , you will just have to buy the book to find it all out. I have a b-day coming up.... turning the big 30..... and i plan on having one hell of a party.Both the kids have endo appointments coming up on feb 22nd. Great i am going to hate these A1Cs' , but i know that the holiday and now this are going to have a big effect on them. So we just take it one day at a time right now. Hope every one else out there is doing good and ttyl.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

i kept wanting to post

I have been away for a while, yes i know i said i didn't want to neglect the blog anymore. Larger and more demanding issues have come up. We all got thru x-mas fairly well. And the new year has started off pretty good too. I will update soon just wanted to let anyone that is still reading that i am still here, sorta. I have to figure out what i want to say about whats been going on and thats going to take some time. But the kids are doing well D wise.

Monday, December 04, 2006

I thought i was addicted to chat room

I missed world diabetes day ...and i don't mind , too much. I feel this need to be doing something to make my kids lifes better, easier, less hard , anything. But as the time has worn on Type 1 Diabetes has kinda faded to the back ground. It seems that theres nothing else to look forward to...... we got thru the shot regime, now on to the pump. Now things are just settling down, D wise. Its just another day , another number.

But i want to be out there screaming for the cure or better understanding from JOE PUBLIC. My son wants nothing to do with being outspoken about D. My girl , she does as long as she feels special about it. She says she doesn't want a cure.....WHAT THE @#$#. How can you not want a cure? I want a cure , you want a cure.......of course wanting and getting are 2 diferent things. Does she not understand what this means....... the rest of your life , girlfriend. What amazing confidence she has. But this isn't just for her or for my son, this is for everyone that has ever loved some one with this Pain In the Ass. So i feel that i am not doing enough for the greater good of all.

Blogging/ reading D blogs is such an addiction...........we are such a huge family that know that we are understood. We have people who have been dx'd since childhood, we have parents of children with D, we have newbies that are older and just found out. And i love it....... i get to know what it feels like from someone that has it, i get to tell parents how to deal with it, and learn from them too, others gets to see that its not an END. It may just be the begining.

What i really want to hear is that kids with D really do grow up and lead normal healthy lives. I want to hear about the parents that have the same problems as I do. I just want to know that we all make a diference some how some way.

Thank you to all of you that post religously and with wealth of information. And those that just tell it like it is.

I have neglected this blog and i am going to stop.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

This is our flag, we wear it on our clothes, its a magnet on my truck and soon to be my new tatoo. we must get our flag out there , just as other flags are flown.

Friday, November 03, 2006

i am over my i hate everything world

ITs been a busy last few weeks. My grandfather that raised me had a heart attack about 2 weeks ago , just 2 days ago he finally got the surgery he needed. He's in Nevada and I am here in wonderfreakingful florida, no way to go see him. Then Oct 29th my f-i-l finally got his new liver and the family has been in a state of chaos . And we found out that my girl has to have surgery on her tendons for toe walking. That will happen in Dec.
The kids went to thier Endo appt. yesterday. WOHOOOOO we did great. Adams a1c has dropped ,even with the problem of not checking enough, and he has grown. He is now taller than me and won't let me forget it. The girl did well also, changed some basal rates and sent us off to fend for ourselves for 3 more months. so thats the story for today